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Each session uses a combination of Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Swedish and hot stones to cater to your specific needs.

60 minute massage - $130

75 minute massage - $150

90 minute massage - $170

75 minute craniosacral therapy - $150


home visit (90 min total) - $180


60 minute massage package - $440

(4 sessions)

75 minute massage package - $520

(4 sessions)

90 minute massage package - $580

(4 sessions)


give the gift of self care to a loved one.

60 minute & 90 minute massage gift cards available


Herbal Sinus Steam:

The herbal sinus steam is an amazing addition to any in studio session. I have crafted an herbal blend that is made all from local herbs & trees. It aids in encouraging space & detoxification throughout the entire respiratory system while also relieving any pressure that may be present while face down on the massage table.  You will be guided through a sinus steam with a bowl of hot water & herbs under the face cradle with a covering overhead. 



Sacred Facial Massage:

The Sacred Facial Massage is used to end your session with a healthy glow and a relaxed face. With the use of Myofascial Release followed by a sweeping massage with the use of evanhealys' sacred oils & hot towels, you will receive a rejuvenating facial massage ended with a hydrating floral mist.

$30 + 15 minutes

**I am not a licensed esthetician. This add on is strictly for massage & relaxation without the use of cleansers, toners, masks, acids, or serums. It is not within my scope of practice to treat skin conditions.**


***contact within for more info on couples massages and home visits***


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